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The Carfang Group oversees the deepest and broadest LinkedIn groups on key Treasury, Banking, Liquidity, Payments and Regulatory topics.  Over one million professionals participate in the 30+ groups we manage.

Trending this week:

Financial Services Regulation is stimulating great conversation.  Join here.

The Digital Currency Network has been our recent fastest growing group.  Join here.

FinTech 20/20 is your front row seat in this fast paced arena.  Join here.

You are invited to join thousands of professionals and participate in as many of the groups below as you wish.  Get up to the minute news.  Exchange insights and ideas. And network with your peers.

For easy reference, the groups are divided into three sections below:

  • Treasury and Banking

  • Financial Regulation

  • Technology and Payments


Treasury and Banking Idea Exchange

Treasury has become the financial nerve center of the organization. Treasurers must deal with complex markets, risk, payments, rate uncertainty and regulation. Stay up to date by joining the 69,000 members of this group.

For banks, this business has become an important driver of shareholder value.  It's an annuity type of business with attractive returns and limited financial risk.  What a compliment to other bank business lines!  See what the key players are saying and doing.

Market volatility and financial risk is at unprecedented levels.  Learn about the risks and the tools others are using to manage and mitigate risk.

Financial markets are in flux. Regulation, tariffs, stimulus, currencies, QE and more remain as question marks. Stay informed by joining this group.

Liquidity Management

Ultra low interest rates and new regulations have changed the complexion of liquidity management.  See which tools and which money market instruments your peers are using.

Money is the raw material of banking.  Bank treasury teams have to get it right in terms of funding, maturity structure, leverage and risk.  Here is where they share ideas in a professional setting.

Forecasting is one of the most challenging of all treasury activities.  Cash flow is the lifeblood of business yet few consistently get it right.  In this group, discuss how the best get it done.


Financial Regulation Idea Exchange

New rules which impact us all are being proposed each day. They are impacting the payments business. They are redesigning markets and institutions. Stay informed by joining the nearly 200,000 members of this very active group.

Brexit in Focus

The saga of the UK and it's membership in the European Union drags on.  The end game seems to change with the seasons.  Yet the financial repercussions are immense.  Get the latest news and commentary here.

The world economy's reference rate is about to change as LIBOR is phased out.  Plans are moving forward, mostly locally, to find replacement market indicators.  That's a tall order considering the trillions of dollar contracts are LIBOR based.  You can afford to miss this.

The global banks have moved to a new set of financial management rules and the effects are still working their way through the global economy.  The capital requirements, leverage limits and liquidity ratios represent a grand experience.  You can watch it all play out here.

This one law passed by the U.S. Congress continues to dictate how banks and financial institutions must conduct their affairs.  The dreaded SIFI designation can materially impact profitability and competitive advantage for banks and non-banks alike.  Join the discussion.


Technology and Payments Idea Exchange

FinTech is both enabling and disrupting traditional financial services and creating new opportunities. Finance, treasury, payments and banking are all impacted.  This group is a forum with over 100,000 professionals exchanging ideas and insights.

Cards continue to dominate.  These massive payments networks have innovated and continue to reinvent in the face of FinTech threats.  Get the latest in news and ideas by joining the 30,000 members of this group.

Bitcoin, Etherium and the entire crypto currency space is still embryonic.  However, this is a hotbed of activity.  Here, you will  have a front row seat in this emerging space.

This technology has transformational potential and is being followed closely by the world's most sophisticated financial players.  Don't miss a beat.  Join them here.

This is the glue that holds together most corporate and bank treasury departments.  Learn what's new and what works.   Discuss current systems and vendors with the experts. 

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